Reputation Management and Managing Online Reviews



Various local business listings provide customers the ability to leave reviews about their experiences with a business. Reviews can often affect not only your online reputation, but also influence a potential new customer's likelihood of choosing to do business with you. Generally, the best way to make sure your online reputation is positive is to actively solicit reviews from all customers. If your business is good, then the number of good reviews will greatly outnumber the bad. However, if you're in business long enough you will get a bad review from time to time. Human nature dictates as much.


Many people I know think that internet marketing is only for people who have internet based businesses. That could not be further from the truth. Internet marketing is something that every business owner, and particularly every small business owner, should be doing.


A few short decades ago, the internet was just starting out. Instead of the millions of websites we had today, there were a few thousand. Since then, however, several distinct types of website have emerged, and choosing the right one, or the right mix of elements from each to create your own unique online presence, has become more important than ever for the online business owner.